Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The "grids" has been there since a long time. Shown in bits and pieces from time to time on different drawings and paintings..But the first "real" grids started to appear in its clear shape year 2000.. after this painting in Amsterdam,

we was 7 guys planning a fresh nightaction concept wall together..
something from the other side visited me..;)
i was totally wrecked.. my friends Sender, The London Police..etc..painted a concept wall on one side..
and i was so fucked up.. from out of the blue, I thought we said we all should drop the concept idee... then suddenly everybody was asking me why i was standing alone in the corner alone painting while them others where doing a fresh concept..hehe
the day after i saw the grids all over.. and a fresh concept wall on the other side..
and i think i turned in to Mr Gridman that night..;)

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